hello petey cotton tail

petey rabbit

So we jumped right in and got a pet, sort of. Technically we’re only fostering it, but we requested this specific one we saw at the pet store. Basically we all love him already. The only problem we need to work out is the allergies.

I’ve been taking off-brand Allegra for a few weeks now, so it’s a little hard to knowย how my non-medicated body will react to the rabbit. Also if I stop taking allergy medicine how do I even know if I’m not just allergic to pollen outside or the grass we’re feeding the rabbit? (Why are they so many grass options to feed a rabbit?) Then there’s Mason, who’s been coughing for a while. But does he have a lingering cold or is he also allergic to something?

Why can’t we just be one of those families who doesn’t have allergies and can just get pets to hug and squeeze. (Of course I know rabbits don’t like to be hugged, and I would obviously never try to do that to them…)

This weekend the bunny rescue people want to take Petey to an adoption event. But what if he gets adopted and then we’re sad because we liked him best? But then what if we say we want to adopt him ourselves but we’re all allergic and can’t live a normal life with him here?


I mean,ย just look at this nose!


3 thoughts on “hello petey cotton tail

  1. I hate rabbits, but this guy is really, really cute. I’m so sorry allergies make it so hard to have pets. Allergies freaking suck.

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