i heart art

Saturday we had a fun day adventure at the Governors Island Art Fair. Yay, art on an island filled with old military barracks and abandoned houses!

It really is a fun place to just hang out for the day (and only a $2 ferry ride to get to). There are no vehicles except for a few golf carts for staff and food trucks, and you can rent bikes or 4-wheeled pedal carts right when you get off the ferry. We brought our own lunch and picnicked at some tables, but the food trucks are a tasty option too…we were lured by treats towards the end of our day.

There were art-filled houses open all around the island, but it seemed most of it was along one row of houses, some outdoor spaces and one part of the military barracks. The art was a big mix of everything–and an awesome amount of weird–the beauty of art! Almost as amazing as the installations were the old houses they were in. The buildings were mostly in the same state as they were left when the island became uninhabited, and seeing the peeling paint or architectural features of past decades was an extra bonus.

Tyler’s favorite: the holographic house. Mason & Milo’s favorite: the build-your-own cardboard box forts. I liked a lot of it, but if I could have taken one thing home it probably would have been one of these prints.

4heads art boxes4heads string art4heads couch governors island

Speaking of art and whatnot, have you seen this Peanuts website? I love it!

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