fake shop friday: monthly goodies

Last year we almost gifted Milo a monthly subscription of socks as one of his Christmas presents. In the end we went with something else, but I still think it would have been a fun idea.

I’ve thought a few times about getting something like Blue Apron, just to help us try new things for dinner. But every time I consider it I start thinking about all the packaging and extra toll on the environment it would be to get refrigerator-necessary items in the mail, and I tell myself I could just search recipes online and buy groceries at the store.

But there is still an allure to getting a regular surprise in the mail. Something you may not have chosen on your own, but that you’d totally love and use just the same.

fake shop friday monthly treats

Love With Food | Le Parcel | Scratch | POPSUGAR Must Have | Tinker Crate | Kawaii Box | Hammock Pack

PS: I also found this site, Cratejoy, full of even more subscription ideas. So many to choose from!

*If any of these companies would like to gift me a box to try out, I’d totally accept that. 🙂

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