milo’s birthday and the realities of being a forgetful mom

A few years back I started this new tradition for the boys: decorating their bedroom door for birthdays. It’s like a mini party to kick-off a day of birthday awesomeness.

Lately I have been suffering from horrible seasonal allergies, yesterday being one of the worst days at work (yay for meetings with constantly watery eyes!). All I wanted to do by the end of the day was close my eyes and put a cold compress on top of my face…which meant I forgot to decorate the door for Milo’s birthday.

This morning Mason and I made a mad dash to string together birthday greetings, but Milo woke up before we could finish. That meant Option B: have it greet him when he returns from his first day of school.

Oh yeah, and while I was flustered with that (and sneezing my brains out) I forgot to take a picture of the boys on their first day of school. I’ll probably be banned from Facebook for being an unfit mother now.

So while the boys were gone at school I strung up my belated party door and wrapped Milo’s presents. Well, half his presents. Since we put off buying things until Sunday night, some of our Amazon orders didn’t make it in time. Usually I have reminders set in my phone for birthdays. For ones that need presents, like the boys, I have an alert for two weeks in advance–not to remind me the date so much as to remind me to plan for it. For some reason I never got an alert for Milo’s birthday.

Luckily by present opening time there were only 3 small things that hadn’t come yet. We will all agree to blame Labor Day weekend and the NY Post Office for these final delays.

Lets move on to the birthday cake, shall we? Today was another fun round of allergies (bonus: headaches!), working from home and all those other random to-do’s that plague my brain. So Milo got a leftover donut from our Labor Day outing as his candle holding device. (To be fair, I gave him the choice to have homemade funnel cake.)

But the best part of today was that despite all my memory short-comings, and the fact he had to share his birthday with the first day of school, Milo was a happy, agreeable child all day.

He was excited for his presents (mostly this book Tyler found), all smiles blowing out the two skinny candles we used to represent his 11th birthday, and he didn’t fret one bit about not being able to take treats to school on his actual birthday. In fact, I heard him explaining to one of his grandmothers that it didn’t make sense to take them today because he wouldn’t have known if there were any food allergies in his class.

So here’s to you Milo, my wonderful, goofy second child that is pretty good at rolling with the punches, unless those punches happen to be from your brother.

milo birthday

2 thoughts on “milo’s birthday and the realities of being a forgetful mom

  1. Allergies are awful. It’s like your body goes insane thinking every little thing in the environment is attacking it. It sounds like you still pulled off a good birthday for him. He’s a good kid.

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