time for school supplies


Today is the day I have dreaded for some time: last minute back to school shopping. Each year I debate the pros and cons of shopping for school supplies by myself early, or having the boys learn partial responsibility for being prepared. The second options means waiting for them to come back from summer with the grandparents, then shopping on one of the very last days before school starts. The days when at least 1/4 of the items are missing, and the lines at Staples run from the register to the back of the store.

This year, like the previous ones, I have decided to keep the kids involved. Which means that today I basically will be dreaming of shopping for pretty much anything besides school supplies.

I didn’t pick any specific items, but here are some of the places/sales I’d rather be shopping. Find an amazing deal for me!

  • Uniqlo has lots of deals, plus free shipping with no minimum! (Usually you have to buy around $100 to get free shipping here.)
  • Anthropologie has an extra 30% off sale. They do this every so often, but this time look at their new fall looks. Oooo, I love fall.
  • J. Crew has lots of sales on sales–my favorite way to purchase their clothes. Right now it’s an extra 50% off clearance!
  • Club Monaco is doing 40% off sales, for those days I feel like dressing like a real adult.

Still want more sales? Glamour has an amazing and extensive list for the weekend.

PS: this has nothing to do with a Labor Day sale, but how funny are these food pins? And more of that cool crayon art here.


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