quick breakfast ideas


Since our boys start school what seems like weeks after every other state in the country, I’m hoping I can ride the tail end of everyone’s Pinterest boards to get some good ideas for quick (and at least somewhat healthy) breakfasts.

Last year the habit pretty quickly became Mason eating cereal or cereal bars from Trader Joe’s, and Milo eating the free breakfast at school. Life is usually busy enough that I don’t really have time to stop and think about the un-nutrition of it all, but then Milo will tell us about eating packaged blueberry muffins or hard bagels with butter and I cringe.

Maybe I was spoiled with a mother who always fixed us breakfast, but cereal has never seemed to cut it for me. I always feel like I need something more–even if it’s a sliced banana on top to get in some fruit.

So I’m on the hunt for easy breakfasts. On a side note, is it weird I’m scared of making baked frittatas? I always see those made in muffin cups, but in my head all I think of is overcooked, dry eggs. Someone tell me the secret to making them good!

So how about it? Any favorite (nut-free) breakfast ideas to share? Otherwise Tyler will just keep insisting his bread pudding is healthy because he uses eggs in the recipe.

PS: I know this breakfast video has been around for a while, but it’s still so funny. And how great is that breakfast picture above? More of those here.

Update: I just found these green pancakes and they look amazing!


4 thoughts on “quick breakfast ideas

    1. It is! I eat oatmeal a lot in the winter…after I found one that includes chia and flax (plain oatmeal is just a little too mushy for me). I haven’t tried porridge though…I’d love to hear what you put in yours–hunger-free until lunch is my biggest requirement.

  1. I do overnight refrigerator oats. Well, I used to when I left the house to work. It’s nice because you can make a whole week’s worth and put in all sorts of different things (fruit, chia, vanilla, cocoa, honey, etc.). I can’t remember what recipe I used, but there were a lot on Pinterest.

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