fake shop friday: house wishes fishes

I have not had cable television for as long as I can remember, which means we don’t watch a whole lot of TV. Which also means that every time we go on vacation we end up turning on the TV the entire time we’re in the hotel room. Usually it ends up on HGTV.

A few months ago we received access to a Netflix account (thanks parents!) but it took us until a few weeks ago to finally realize the magic that is Netflix (hello, first series binge: Kimmy Schmidt). Last week I discovered that Netflix has seasons of Property Brothers–so basically we never need to vacation again! Ok, but really, who doesn’t love a good remodel show? I love them. And at this point they’re just getting me more excited for that one day when we can actually paint a wall if we want to. Or make big decorating decisions to finally hang things on all the walls (or so I tell myself, I’m not sure if my indecisiveness will ever really go away).

Either way, it’s rekindled a love for random homey things.

fake shop friday home buys

Tufted Takara Pouf | Paper Mache Crane | Dia De Dumbo | Arbor Coat Stand | Fatboy Hot Dog

Also, this is so unnecessary, but seriously the coolest picnic blanket.

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