two cent tuesday: why i’m going meatless monday

Two weeks ago I finally made the plunge to cut some meat out of my diet. Tyler asked my reasonings, and I will admit I don’t really have a specific one. I will also admit, as a meat-filled meal person, I am sort of scared I’ll have a hard time with this (so any food advice/encouragement is welcome!).

As for my somewhat scattered reasons for doing Meatless Mondays:

  1. I know that high meat consumption has negative effects on the environment. I do try to eat as sustainable as possible, while still realizing I only have so many options (and hours of the week) to do my shopping, but I want to do more.
  2. Eating meat makes me eat less vegetables. I do like vegetables, tofu, beans, and all other sorts of vegetarian-friendly food items. The problem is, I don’t think I eat enough of them. But if I take at least one day to focus on eating only them, it would follow that I will eat more.
  3. I can’t go completely vegetarian. I really enjoy many types of meat. Plus, since I’m already required to eliminate nuts and avocado, I feel like removing meat completely would take more work than I want to put into my diet.
  4. As a bonus, this means the boys will be eating meatless dinners on Monday, which I think will make for a good way to keep us all trying new things.

Last week was my first exciting attempt at a real vegetarian recipe: Cold Vegetable & Noodle Salad with Ponzu Dressing.

It was one of the most amazing recipes I’ve ever made, although Tyler realized afterward that I cheated slightly because the ponzu sauce is made with bonito flakes.

On the plus side, it was quite an adventurous trip to the local Japanese grocery store. Thank you Google images for helping with the ingredients, because neither of us can read Japanese labels. We did learn the name “cold salad” can be misleading, because although this one is consumed cold, it took quite a bit of hot cooking on a warm summer night.

After all is said and done though, since it requires no reheat it makes perfect leftovers (and work lunches–budget bonus!). Plus Tyler and I both agreed that it was delicious, totally filling, and veggie-approved. We’re already planning to double this recipe for next time so we have even more leftovers. Yay food!

A few of the ingredients:

japanese ingredients

The final stir:

cold noodle salad ponzu

And ready to eat!

cold noodle salad

Also, I found this article today about food plating… I guess my techniques (and iPhone pics) could use a little work.

Do you have a favorite meatless recipe? Share it with me and keep my Meatless Monday’s going strong!


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