fake shop friday: keeping it simple

Happy to report I’ve been doing very good at two of my latest goals: keeping my closet clean & saving money. Yay! It does help a bit that the two things go hand-in-hand (although my everyday summer shoes will definitely need replacing soon).

On a closet note, I was doing some reading about THE tidying book, and I came across some other ideas for keeping my closet pared down. This blog reviewed a few different approaches very nicely. My first thought, that capsule wardrobe idea looks pretty intense and I want to try it. Second thought, can I pull off the French Closet with 2-3 cheap items every year? I always feel too cheap and too indecisive with fashion to commit to expensive items, but I do save my favorites for some time!

Speaking of great items, that same blog had all these shopping places I hadn’t seen–and a few of them were perfect fake shopping destinations.

fake shop friday simple

Laurel Bomber Jacket | Osuna White | The Heatwave Tee Dress | Liza Slip-On | Noosa Tee | Loja Top 

Also, happy Friday everyone! Tyler and I are having an adventure tomorrow, going on a helicopter ride around the city (first timers!).

One thought on “fake shop friday: keeping it simple

  1. I love your idea of trying to find some price conscious french wardrobe splurges. Good quality and things you love don’t always have mean expensive. I am so excited to see what you find and hear how your capsule wardrobe experiment goes!

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