that time i was helpless

You know that time Milo had not-so-serious sounding symptoms (fever, throwing up, painful cough) that turned into visit to a walk-in clinic, then a trip to the emergency room, then an ambulance ride to a children’s hospital.

The most important part of all of this was that he ended up being ok. Rhino virus (basically a cold) and pneumonia were each responsible for his eventual overnight hospital stay. He ended up checking out the next day, once he was better breathing on his own and was able to hold some food down. With some medications and a spirometer to keep his breathing in check, he set up his sick shop back at the grandparents house.

But from this minute incident in our lives I learned two lessons.

1) As a mom, it’s really hard not to be able to comfort your child. I know it wasn’t that big of an ordeal, and it didn’t last that long, but I just thought about how I’ve always been there for things like this. Also, it was sort of weird to realize that although I’m ok being so far away from them all summer, I do have somewhat of a breaking point. Maybe part of the reason I don’t feel worry or sadness when they’re gone is because I know they’re someplace they enjoy–with lots of awesome family who enjoys them too.

2) How supportive people are. When I had my initial motherly emotion about missing Milo and I decided to post on Facebook, I didn’t really think about how a hospital photo elicits worry of all levels. So I apologize for that. But it did make me feel extremely blessed to know so many people that care about Milo’s well-being. That through everyone’s busy lives people took the time to send well wishes and support.

And I guess the bonus lesson is to find the silver lining. (Apparently that’s what kind of optimist I am according to an internet survey.) Not that we would wish this upon one of our children over the other, but we were very relieved Mason The Asthmatic was not the child to contract hospital-stay-required pneumonia. It’s the small victories, right?

Milo going from zero to all smiles–amazing what a little oxygen and sustenance can do for a kid…


The adventurous ambulance ride to Primary Children’s.

IMG_3175 copy

2 thoughts on “that time i was helpless

  1. Glad that he ended up being okay. Any time a hospital stay/ambulance ride/er visit is necessary, it’s pretty scary and stressful.

    I agree with you that I don’t miss Zeke or worry about him much when he’s being watched by my mom and my cousin (while I’m at work), but that would change if he was in a place where I didn’t know he’d be cared for well or something.

    Either way, glad that little Milo is okay and recovering. And I’m not far from your parents if you need to me do anything for him/them.

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