two cent tuesday: don’t quote me

The other day I found myself wandering down a rabbit hole of quoted typography. Every time I start looking at these I want to print them all out and post them somewhere. Then I remember I’m not 18 anymore, and taping up random quotes all over my bedroom wall isn’t really a thing I should be doing (although I’m sure my dorm roommates can attest to how cool my walls looked at 18). But, Tyler would probably tell me it was a bad idea now. Unless of course I showed him this one first.

Ok, so no wall of printed quotes in my bedroom. But I can still accept them in small amounts at my office without totally annoying the guy next to me (he has an Emmy on his desk, so I’m sure he’s far beyond printing quotes from Pinterest).

Anyway, my rabbit hole of quotes led me to looking back through some of my previously pinned ones, and I decided I sometimes have conflicting emotions about life. But the quotes tell me I can be irrational if I want to! So here are a few favorites. And won’t you share your favorite quotes with me? Obviously I need more on my virtual version of a dorm room wall.

759e24aa360f6ce27f2c2bc310bd0325450x617x5.jpg.pagespeed.ic.YCgdaJhfR6  13dc86f401bd2afc62c238f0cfd11b27 Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 11.42.15 PMFair-Multi_artdefaultsecret-ingredient-470

Also, I’ve looked (for like a million years) for something to fit in my oval Ikea frame–and I finally found this! A note to anyone wondering, it’s really hard to find prints that fit inside an oval frame.

Links to quotes above: get it over with | bite off more | work hard | smile when raining | cotton candy | where I ended up | cheese

And if you’ve ever wanted beautifully designed quotes that do some good with their proceeds, this is my favorite site.


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