fake shop friday: back to school

Yesterday I told someone that I like my children much better now than I did when they were younger. They don’t throw temper tantrums (usually), they’ve passed the point of peeing their pants, and–most importantly–they can wait to eat brunch on Saturdays without getting hangry.

That said, sometimes I miss the times when they were young enough to not have an opinion about how I dressed them. Or when Milo took a lunch bag to school every day that was a puppy head.

A few weeks ago I was looking at the school supplies at Target, wondering if this year will be the year Milo chooses to stop wanting the folders with animal photos. Then last night I was at Whole Foods and noticed they were carrying back to school items. First though: that seems weird, and in no way like food. Second thought: too bad I don’t have a child who’s still excited by a robot backpack, because that is pretty cool.

back to school fake shopping

Wolf Backpack | Teacher’s Pet Backpack | Shark Pouch | Octopus Hooded Towel | Knit Sweater | Reusable Sandwich Keepers | Shark Pals Lunch Box

PS: I cracked up at this back to school list for parents. And, this bedding is so awesome I almost want it myself.

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