the life changing magic of tidying up my closet

tidying the closet

I read this book what seemed like forever ago, and now I can’t decide if I’m winning at it because I cleaned out my closet, or if I’m losing because it’s taken me two months to tidy two things.

Or if tidying your entire apartment at the same time as having a normal life of jobs and children is just not really plausible for a typical human as myself.

Either way, I tidied my closet–and it only took me two days once I started!

My method for cleaning out my closet before I read the book was to periodically shift through the closet and pull out anything I didn’t want. I tried to keep in mind if I hadn’t worn it for a season I probably won’t wear it the next time around either. But I will admit to keeping things I don’t wear for an entire season. Sometimes I can’t get over that I bought it in the first place. If I liked it then I must like it still, right?

The big difference with the book is to pull everything out of every closet and sort through every item individually. For some reason I always do this with the boys clothes, but I’d never realized how it would help my own clothes sorting.

So with everything spread out on the floor, I started going through each item one at a time like the book taught. I remember the book’s big question was, “Does it spark joy?” It seemed overwhelming to worry I was going to get rid of every thing that wasn’t completely joyous, especially considering my savings mindset is not really conducive to buying new joyful items. So I decided it was easier to go through the clothes in two rounds.

First round: all clothes. Do I wear this always and do I really want to keep it? Everything I said an immediate yes to was in one pile, hangers stayed on. Everything I said maybe to came off the hanger and went in a different pile. It helped knowing I didn’t have to make any permanent choices because I was going to revisit the maybe pile again.

tidying closet 1

Second round: maybe pile. Do I really need this or will it really benefit me? Since I had already put these in a pile of maybes, my mind had halfway thought about getting rid of them. From there it was much easier to either confirm the giveaway, or have strong enough feelings about it to save. This worked especially well with things like sweatshirts or other loungewear: something I don’t necessarily love, but I do wear regularly. I was able to see them all together in the maybe pile and pick my favorites. Because really why do I need 3 pullover sweatshirts and 2 zipper hoodies when I only wear them around the house, and we do laundry every week.

tidying the closet 2

It also helped to envision an impatient, over-organized Japanese lady judging me for keeping things I shouldn’t. She would have been proud how many scarves I gave away, but she would have probably been upset that I kept two vintage skirts I haven’t worn all summer. (But they’re vintage, I’ll never find them again!)

So did I sort my clothes perfectly and magically? Probably not. Was it life-changing? Well, I got rid of more clothes than I ever have before. And this is my lovely closet now (look at all the hanger room!). Plus, it felt refreshing. Probably because of that weird inner organizational thing that reveals itself from time to time, and also loves this store.

after tidying

PS: no judging of the surplus ties off to the left… Tyler has yet to be succumb to the magic of tidying.

8 thoughts on “the life changing magic of tidying up my closet

  1. I get in organizing moods and go crazy for a while, but then I lose motivation when I realize I can’t get my whole house organized. It’s probably time for a closet purge like yours though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love the pile of ties note at the bottom. My husband has started embracing it once he saw how clean our house was and how much easier it was to keep nice (I will note that I do not have kids).

    I adored the Kon Mari method and I actually combined it with a capsule wardrobe technique and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t worry I am in a period of austerity too and I have found this actually helped reduce spending because what I did need to buy was only good quality and things I loved.

    I found getting dressed easier. Have you found it to be easier?

    1. Funny thing–I actually got my husband to sort through his ties after writing this post. He doesn’t really like clutter either, but if you go by the KonMari method he’s they person who never gets around to getting rid of things. I have a fairly small closet, and it’s been so nice to easily access the clothes I actually want to wear! I’m going to have to look into that capsule technique too.

      1. Nice work getting him to take action! I started getting my husband to agree ahead of time to tackle one thing on a weekend. Before we redid our bookshelf that one thing was books. I had to do most of the work of actually removing the items and sorting, etc. but he was a great sport about saying yay or nay to his stuff. You will have to post a picture of the closet with more limited ties. Hahahaha!

        I love the capsule wardrobe. Seriously life changing!

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