two cent tuesday: this is how I (don’t) budget

Budgeting has been on my mind a lot lately. We’re ready to take that next step, and our goal is to have a new place of our own sometime next year. And then we can say goodbye to renting! I really don’t like renting, my current kitchen is a great example why. If something isn’t working right, I want to be able to fix it myself. Not wait for a maintenance person to sort-of fix it so it sort-of works ok, until the next time it breaks.

Anyway… Back to my original thought: budgeting.

Although I’ve had a pretty up and down income/life for most of my adulthood, my strange organizational personality has always driven me to pay bills first, save as much as possible, spend as little as possible. Which I guess isn’t any big miraculous secret to budgeting as much as some internally anxiety I have, but it seems to have worked so far.

Tyler and I know a few couples that are very skilled with their budgeting, but we’ve agreed that we just aren’t that type of couple. And even though we don’t have a spreadsheet sorting our spending and earning, we’ve done ok budgeting what we have coming in with what’s going out.

Lately though, all I can think of is the more I save the more options we’ll have when we start looking for a place. Which in my mind translates to anything I spend money on is potentially taking me away from a home option.

So basically my budgeting solution right now is: do I want this item more than a future place to live. No? Ok, I will live without it then.

But with saving being top of mind, I want to budget better. I’ve been looking into smarter ways to save little bits or big bits here or there. I’ve been trying to pack more lunches for us to eat at work, but I will admit it’s pretty hard when the weather is so nice. I like having an excuse to leave the office for lunch.

Do you stick to a monthly or weekly budget? Or do you have tips on ways to save better? I need some new ideas!

PS: My new wallet I found in Cape Cod. Obvs it helps me budget better.

llama wallet


2 thoughts on “two cent tuesday: this is how I (don’t) budget

  1. Eh, I have a hard time with a strict budget. But we save a lot (for the most part, although having a baby changed that up). We have a google spreadsheet of our reoccurring obligations (bills, savings, tithing, etc.). We always transfer the savings money over when we first get paid. Then we can see what else we owe for the rest of the pay period and spend accordingly. We are fairly aggressive in the money we put towards savings/retirement, so sometimes we end up needing to transfer some back to our checking account when things come up (birthdays, travel, etc.), but so far it works for us.

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