fake shop friday: walking to etsy

Have you ever shopped shoes on Etsy? I somehow veered into this new world and it was a very exciting find. So many awesome designs that I never see in a normal shoe store–many available made-to-order.

As I looked through them I kept thinking maybe as a splurge I could actually get a pair. But then I remember how we’re supposed to be saving money right now, therefore splurges aren’t on the agenda. But a girl can Pinterest, can’t she? Yes, she most certainly can.

Also check out that clutch… I found it on this blog. I’m not usually one for fashion blogs because they make me want to shop even more than I already do, but I really like her new designer finds.

fake shop friday: etsy shoes

Liebling Gilly | ADIKILAV | Olive Thomas | Milenika | Liebling Cate | Fatale Rainbow Clutch

PS: I came across some crazy shoes on Etsy too. Just check these out.

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