two cent tuesday: skimp and save

Last week I wrote a post about my favorite splurges. I knew it already, but writing that post confirmed to me that I skimp more than I splurge. My basic MO is to start with the cheapest possible option and work my way up–until the quality and price have intersected at a nice sweet spot.

Every so often I will venture into trying a bottom price point for something. Take for example, that time I tried to give cheaper conditioner a whirl. Straight for the V05… Then straight back to my previous conditioner.

So yeah, it doesn’t always work. But then again, sometimes it does.

Last year I ventured on a quest to break my department store habits and find some cheaper make-up. The catalyst for this was mascara, but it resulted in one of my favorite finds (and the top of this list):

NYX Collection Noir Eyeliner – I like it just as much as the Sehpora and Mac ones I’ve used in the past. Plus it’s self sharpening and available at any drugstore I walk into.

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly – I probably tried at least 10 different mascaras since last fall (starting with the $3 ones) until my friend recommended the Voluminous line. No it’s not $3, and this brush was slightly scary at first–but it fulfills all my wants: plastic wand, reasonably priced, available at any drugstore and doesn’t take forever to clean off.

Library books – I can’t purchase a book without feeling like I personally cut down a tree. Add to that we have very little space in our house, and I usually go through a few books a month. Once I learned I could order a book from any location and have it sent to my neighborhood library, I was set forever.

Gap bras on sale – I have found all of my bras on sale when the past seasons’ colors are leaving the shelf. I also sign up for their emails, and occasionally their sales will include clearance items too. You can’t be as picky about colors, but with a sale on sale last time I got 3 new bras for less than $15 each.

Clothes on sale – I know, who doesn’t love finding things on sale? Although most stores have sale racks, here are my favorites:

  • ZARA – I usually shop their sales in store because I love their stores, but they always seem to have different stuff online I can’t find in the store.
  • & Other Stories – I like their unique things, and their sale items can be a great find.
  • J.Crew – They do sales on clearance too (I get emails for them too). I think online they have a better selection, but the stores are nice to try it on since some of their big sale items are non-returnable.
  • Anthropologie – Online has more selection, but I have a hard time adding in the shipping and still feeling like it’s a good deal (plus I’m all about being able to try it on). I don’t find budget-conscious things here often, but when I do I love them so much.

And just in case you aren’t one of the 6 million people who have already watched this dog sneeze, here you go.

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