fake shop friday: vineyard finds

We enjoyed our visit to Martha’s Vineyard last week, and were glad we had an excuse to check out the island. It was so nice and cozy, and full of great places to just wander around (and shop).

While there I realized where that yacht-y look originated: Martha’s Vineyard. I also realized when I’m on vacation I feel inclined to buy all these clothing items with local flavor that I would probably never wear once I return home. It doesn’t really matter where I vacation either, I felt the same way while we were in Puerto Rico. I wonder if I’m the only one…

Back to fake shopping, because Martha’s Vineyard was a great place for this. So many things I loved that either I know I’d never wear much, or were priced out of my current H&M-sized budget. Here are a few of my favorite finds.

fake shop friday vineyard


Shore Jumpsuit | Stableton Tunic Dress | Chambray Embroidered Shirt Dress | Frost Clutch | Paper Crown Print | Tropez Shirt | Elsabet Shorts

Speaking of beaches and things, these look awesome.

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