two cent tuesday: splurging

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The other day I went to Kiehl’s to buy some lotion, and as I walked around the store I felt a little pretentious saying how I just can’t live without this $22 bottle of cream. But it’s so true, nothing else seems to cut it.

True, a splurge to me might be an everyday purchase to someone else. Or an unworthy splurge to others. But really, what makes us justify some purchases and not others? I thought of a few of my favorite splurges, and what makes them worth it to me.

Probably my biggest splurge is eating out. I would eat out every single meal if I could. In fact, when I first moved to New York I had an unusable kitchen (which consisted of a mini fridge that didn’t close properly and a stove that didn’t turn on), and I made it a goal to eat out at a different restaurant every single night. It was awesome. Also, I felt, a great use of my internship money.

Beyond food, there’s a few products I love that I feel are worth the extra dinero out of my wallet:

Ultimate Strength Hand Salve – I was lured into this magical lotion by a sample, go figure. It works wonders on summer sandal feet though, so there’s no stopping the purchase. Plus it smells super neutral and doesn’t feel greasy.

Aqua Rouge – I may have talked about this before, but this lipstick stood the test of wedding time and is therefore still one of my favorites. No lie, this lasted from our afternoon wedding through dinner – and it never rubbed off on Tyler once. It does have quite a high shine if you use the gloss though, so it’s not really an everyday choice.

Pure Abundance Hair Potion – My hair products are a bit of a mixed bag, but every so often my hairdresser uses something I realize I can’t substitute for a cheaper version. This is one of those. It works great when my hair is short to give it texture–and the best part is the volume doesn’t fade through the day. I’ve also used this hairspray for years. I’ve tried so many kinds at so many price points, but this one has become the staple.

Gillette Mach3 – While this isn’t the most expensive razor I could be purchasing, it is an increase from the $1 disposable razors I was using last year. Thanks Tyler for not liking this razor for your face, prompting me to try it out and realize that a slight razor upgrade really can make a difference.

Facial Sheet Masks – while these range from super cheap to slightly pricier, the fact that these aren’t actually necessary to my life still makes them a splurge to me. That being said, they’re necessary to my life now that I know what they are (thanks Korean co-workers!). Try one and you’ll see what I mean. (Bonus points for sneaking up behind Tyler with one on.)

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