fake shop friday: booties (and bird)

I’m all about summer shoes, ie. nothing that requires socks, but I seem to be seeing cute boots everywhere I turn. Ugh, don’t they know I haven’t even found my new sandals yet??

Also, I am totally in love with hole-riddled boots – or any other type of cutout design that makes them utterly useless during every season of the year. First, in the summer they seem so hot… and can you even wear socks with those? Or more importantly, are there people that just like to sweat in sock-less boots all summer? Not I, not in this humidity, thank you very much. Then lets move on to winter… could you actually wear those in any sort of rain or snow and actually feel like you made a smart decision?

Ok, maybe it’s just the fact there’s not really a spring/fall here to make these useful in my wardrobe. Either way, they’re stuck on my wish-but-never-buy list for the foreseeable future.

fake shop friday booties

Taggart Booties | Cutout Ankle Boots | Austin | Ophelia Chelsea Boots | Daisy | Turned Sparrow | Margot Boot

And how hilarious is this photo? I definitely had a chuckle as a scrolled down to see the whole picture.

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