no more peanut butter jelly time

nutty house by Anna Makarova

There was this one time I found out I had all these food allergies–and it was not pleasant. I know there are worse things that could happen to me, but I will say it’s pretty hard knowing how delicious avocados taste–only to also know I can never have one again. (And that I’m basically paying a premium on menu items that offer them.)

It’s been almost a year since all my allergies were confirmed, and I’m finally getting used to asking if there are nuts (or peaches or avocado) in any foods before I consume. Chalk that new habit up to accidentally eating a few things I shouldn’t have. Yay! Peaches are the worst. Once I was so proud of myself for double checking nuts in a sample that I didn’t even connect the fact the item was made with peaches. One gulp down and I felt like such a newb for hearing the ingredients and not even remembering I was allergic to them.

And although it’s becoming more habitual, I still feel like such an annoyance asking if there are nuts in EVERYTHING. And the other day I asked and someone else replied, “Yeah, I don’t like nuts either.” But I do like them, my body just happens to disagree! I constantly think about how unaware I was of food allergies when I didn’t have them. Now I think how nice it would be if everyone could label their homemade desserts. Or if bakeries would just put a little sign up so you didn’t have to feel like such a buzzkill when inquiring. Or what’s with every smoothie place slipping some magical something into my drink that gives me an allergic reaction…do you not clean your blenders?

Then there’s that weird feeling I had yesterday about how I’ll never be able to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich again. Not that I really ate them all the much before (let’s be real, pb is way better with bananas), but it just seems like such a staple food item.

Ok, enough of the allergy moping. On the plus side I did find these today to satisfy my desire for a crunchy office snack. And maybe one day oral immunotherapy will be widely available and can reverse all my food woes!


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