fake shop friday: accessorize

When we went strawberry picking I decided to copy everyone else there and wear a straw hat. It was an amazing new find in my life, and I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it earlier. It wasn’t so much the shade it provided as the fact it blocked my almost-black hair from feeling like it was on fire, a common occurrence when I’m out in full sun.

So then I wore said hat all over Puerto Rico on our trip, and yay, it magically worked again!

And so now I’m on a hat kick, cause you know…

I’m also on a giant necklace kick (since I love them on everyone else but can never seem to find one I like on myself), and a wallet kick (although that one is valid, since my current wallet is falling apart).

fake shop friday accessories

Tonal Band Straw Fedora | Tie-Back Wide Brim Hat | Coloured Ring Necklace | Gorretto | Flower Necklace | Robin Frame Wallet | Armadillo Shoes | Straw Beach Hat

We’re finally trying this place tonight. I cannot explain my excitement for the melted cheese!


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