two cent tuesday: my misappropriated words

Have you ever thought you said a word correctly, all of your life, only to finally say it in public and immediately realize the person next to you is laughing because you said it completely wrong?

Milo has been notorious in our family for pronouncing words incorrectly, which we find slightly cute and comical, but last week this topic came up with extended family and it made me wonder if Milo’s pronunciation genetics came from my side.

I shared some words I said wrong for quite some time of my life… One I have to say thanks to my mom for: am-wah. You know, that piece of furniture my parents had in their bedroom my whole childhood. Although most people know it spelled as armoire, I only found out this common pronunciation sometime around college. 

The other one took me slightly longer, but I remember exactly how the laughing/realization moment happened. It was about five or six years ago, and I was in Utah sitting at a Real soccer game. Across the stadium was a special section of seats sponsored by KFC, and I happened to decide at this point in my life to make a comment about the KFC Col-en-ol’s Corner. And at exactly that moment I wondered how, for twenty something years of my life, I never associated people saying ker-nl and the spelling colonel.

On the plus side, I never embarrassed myself saying faux incorrectly. That one I figured out all by myself. (yay.)

I know, it’s not really “two cents” in the normal definition of the phrase – but since it’s all about non-normal pronunciations I figure it works. Have you ever spent a significant portions of your life mispronouncing a word? I want to know I’m not the lonely one.

PS: Most mispronounced words according to this video. (I can say bruschetta correctly now!). Also this song I will admit is not so bad, but don’t tell Tyler.

2 thoughts on “two cent tuesday: my misappropriated words

  1. I though it was “every fiber of my bean” for the longest time. Ya know, cause beans have lots of fiber.

  2. I know I’ve done this a lot, but not too many words come to mind. Lots of times if a word has a french root, I say it the way the french would say it (and usually that’s wrong). I also say anemone as a-nen-o-me.

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