fake shop friday: shoes, of course

I have the hardest time replacing shoes. You know, that time I replaced my boots with the exact same pair of boots? I currently have a pair of sandals and some red flats loosing steam, but all I end up looking for is a pair that can completely, across the board, replace them.

And as I looked at red flats on Aldo today I realized how funny that actually is. Because when I bought these red flats I didn’t really even need them, they just happened to be on a very good sale and I thought they were cute. For a year or so I barely even wore them because I thought they didn’t match anything. Then slowly I started to wear them with everything (let’s be clear, they probably don’t go with everything, I just pretend they do). And now I’m trying to replace shoes I didn’t even think I needed in the first place, mostly because I just got comfortable with them.

Oh yeah, me and comfortable shoes. I remember now. Am I the only one that replaces shoes with twin shoes? Maybe I’ll shift a little and buy those bright yellow ones instead…

friday shop shoes

Round Cut Sandals | Biku | Motter | Linen Dip-Dye | Fruits And Flatters | Glastonbury 5 | Caslynn Dez | Spliced Clog

But, let’s be honest and realize I’ll probably just end up with something like these. No buckles, no heels, no socks needed.


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