two cent tuesday: houseguests

So I realize I took a vacation from New York for five days and a vacation from this blog for more like 15 days… sometimes it happens I guess. Also what happens is that I schedule a vacation out of the country, kids leaving to visit grandparents for the summer, and family coming to visit all in the same week. Then add to that Milo ends up with a tooth infection (something I hadn’t even heard of before) and Mason ends up with an ear infection (a combo of getting sick before and swimming on vacation, says the doctor).

All this ended up in my Friday going something like this: wake up, shower, take Milo to the dentist, come home, help the kids start packing while cleaning for guests, take Mason to the doctor, take Mason to the pharmacy, buy lunchmeat and snacks for everyone back home (remember how we’d been out of town for almost a week?), back to the pharmacy, home and finish packing, greet the guests, shove food in my mouth, take the kids to the airport, trek immediately to the Bronx for a Yankees game, greet the guests a second time, watch half a ball game, trek home, finish some church to-do’s, sleep.

So while I was in one of the various waiting rooms of my day, I came across an article about things to do to prep for a houseguest. And I curiously wondered what I’d missed–given that all my prep time was focused on returning to work after a vacation, and getting the kids ready to ship out.

Turns out, I missed a few things, maybe most of them. Some I probably wouldn’t do anyway, but others were quite useful to keep in mind–like prominently displaying your wi-fi password, showing them where they can charge phones, or having breakfast/snack options like muffins available and ready to eat.

Then I remembered last time we visited Tyler’s sister and her family in Pennsylvania she had set out a bag of our favorite candy on the beds. My mom does the same thing and it feels like a mini-hotel visit when you walk into the room. I guess I’ve never thought about it because our “guest bed” is actually the couch in our living room, so it never gets made into a bed until later at night. But it would be fun to just have something set out on the side table.

My other goal is to have fresh flowers next time! I love them anyway, so what a perfect excuse to buy some. What do you like to do for your guests? 

And…with all this excellent guest training I’m getting, who wants to come visit next?


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