two cent tuesday: vacation days

In two days we’ll be heading out to Puerto Rico! Why Puerto Rico? We’ve never been there before, there’s lots of sand, ocean and sun; and I didn’t need to apply for three new passports. Plus, I need to practice all that Spanish I’ve been learning.

I’m typically a last minute, do whatever works out, sort of vacationer. I pack last minute, like to sleep in on vacation, and sort of just lazy about. I figure that’s what vacations are for–to be lazy and not have to really think too hard.

Then last night I realized with only four full days on our trip I should probably look into some ideas of what we could. Planning ahead, what?? So today as I was doing laundry and I thought maybe it’d be the perfect time to pack. Everything is clean, and most of what we’ll take won’t need to be used in the next two days. Double planning ahead, no way!

Does anyone know how to do this plan ahead thing? First there’s the question of what to do once we get there. Top of my list is the bioluminescent bay, and Tyler really wants to try spearfishing. After these two things we’re sort of up in the air on plans again…

And as long as I’m thinking of packing, who has some good tips?

Probably not something to get excited about, but my favorite thing about packing is that the boys are in a pretty good habit of doing it themselves. I write everything needed in a list with two columns of boxes on the left side. When they’re done I double check they pulled the right things, then I put them in the suitcase. Sometimes I have to make sure the tops and bottoms they’ve gathered actually make useful outfits, but for the most part they’re pretty good on their own.


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