two cent tuesdays: favorite smoothie ingredients

Now that it’s really smoothie weather, I have a question for you. Does anyone really follow smoothie recipes? I usually just throw whatever I feel like in and turn the blender on.

A couple of weeks ago Milo was in charge of the morning smoothie and he decided to follow the recipe on the frozen pineapple bag (adding our staple spinach and carrot). It turned out delicious. And I had this genius idea: maybe smoothie recipes are useful. Or at least a good guideline, since I know I’ll always add spinach and carrots to mine (and omit any nutty or peach ingredients).

My smoothies almost always have banana, tofu or plain yogurt, spinach and a carrot. Then I add whatever fruit I’m in the mood for. Typically we have fresh strawberries in the fridge, or frozen pineapple and mixed berries in the freezer. Last week I decided to try adding chia to the mix. Sometimes I add an apple or fresh ginger for a kick.

So what amazing ingredient am I missing? What is your go-to smoothie creation? I just found out about adding oatmeal to my smoothies and I’m excited to try that next.

Our typical smoothie: starts out pretty, ends up brown. Thanks spinach!

smoothie blender


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