fake shop friday + strawberry picking

One of my most favorite things to do is visit u-pick farms outside the city. It’s weird how fun it can feel to drive a car for a day, but even more so if we’re getting a car to do something exciting (versus running every errand we can cram into a 3 hour Zipcar block of time). So up this weekend: strawberry picking!

We went last year for the first time and it was delicious. Plus we learned a few lessons last year we’re eager to put into practice.

1. Don’t pick all the strawberries that are ripe and delicious, unless you plan on eating them all within a day. Yes, they are tempting, but this year we’re going to learn from that family we saw leaving the field with cartons of not-quite-ripe berries.

2. Dehydrated strawberries are a great snack–this year we’re picking extras just to dry.

3. Unlike shady apple picking in the cool fall months, strawberries grow low to the ground with no shady trees around. Those girls were wearing their big hats for good reason. Also I got strawberry juice on the sides of my shoes last year, so this time I’m going to make sure to wear something smarter.

fake shop friday strawberry picking

Man Overboard Lace-up Shoes | Striped Tuxedo Shift | Linen Boxy T | Tencel Linen Shorts | Willa Rancher | Dark Hearted | Strawberry Farmers Market Bag

PS: I’m also excited to try out this new toy Tyler surprised me with as I sample/pick strawberries.


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