two cent tuesday: what to take new parents

The other day I was talking to a few friends about time-outs, behavior charts and all the other fun times of trying to get small children to behave. As we talked I thought, “This is better than searching Pinterest!” And since I’ve been so good at keeping up on two posts a week *cough* I may as well add another one. Hello, Two Cent Tuesdays! (Because who loves alliterations? Me!)

adventure time


Within the last month our church welcomed four new babies–which basically made me an instant pro at transporting our favorite slow cooker dinner. It’s simple to make and easy to take in reused glass jars that families don’t have to return.

Then today I came across this article about what you should really take someone who just had a baby. I cringed a little reading it, wondering if I made the right choice with my meal. I think I did ok, but I do love the idea of taking fresh fruit or breakfast items.

Who’s had dinner brought to them when they’ve had a baby? Any other good tips of things to bring? I saw someone comment on the article about calling a friend to see if they needed anything from Target. Running errands with a new baby was definitely last on my list.

If you’re really interested, here’s the life-changing meal I took everyone. It’s adapted from this recipe if you’d like to see the pretty pictures. Basically I simplified the recipe instructions, because I am a lazy cook and that’s what I think slow cooker meals are meant for.

tex-mex chicken soup recipe


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