as you wish

H&M opened their new flagship store (said to be the biggest in the world) in Herald Square recently. So, naturally, I found a perfect reason to be in the area last Saturday. And it only cost me walking around the entire store with Milo’s newly purchased saxophone (which he did kindly carry himself until he bashed too many ankles for me to further allow).

I walked out with a few things for the boys, and a new dress for myself. When I showed Tyler the dress he said, “If you like it, it looks nice… Is the back part supposed to be longer?” He qualified this statement by explaining he doesn’t have much fashion sense, and that he thinks everything I wear looks nice. These conversations always make me think of this site. Sort of like that other time when he told me my new jumpsuit “looks perfect if you’re going to fix a car. (Oh yeah, I finally bought a jumpsuit.)

So yay for fake shopping for things that Tyler would find questionable, but would tell me I look pretty in anyway.



We Are Hairy People | Black Maxi | Pinafore Dress | Square Frame Sunglasses | Marni Maxi Dress | Remade Poncho Top

And I just found out this restaurant exists. Hello there, I will be coming to you shortly…


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