tidy it up

A few weeks ago I offered to help my friend pack her apartment for moving. I was explaining how I enjoy packing because it’s like a Tetris game to pack as efficiently as possible. And I enjoy unpacking because I like analyzing the new space and deciding where everything could best be stored.

Then my friend recommended a book for me to read.

tidying up book

Being an avid organizer myself, I requested it from the library post haste.

I would say we’re pretty good at keeping clutter at bay. In fact, in our happy little apartment we even have empty closet space. And I think that’s pretty good considering we have 5 closets total (counting the linen cupboard)–none much wider than a bedroom door.

But I know that even in our small space, we still end up with things laying around that we probably don’t need. Plus, my new favorite quote is “try a little harder to do a little better” – which in this case I think means that even though I consider myself the non-hoarder type, there’s got to be more I could be doing to have less unnecessary stuff.

I think I may have just written the most clutter sentence to talk about un-cluttering my life. Good job, self.

Off to the magical world of tidying up!


Update: My first attempt and second go at using this method!

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