yep, i’ve determined my spirit shoes

This week I came to the conclusion that my shoes say a lot about me.

I decided this as I was searching for strappy heeled dress shoes–wondering why, if I like that style so much, I don’t own a single pair.

So I thought about my commute. Walking to a subway, standing on a subway, walking to work. On days off, speed walking to fit in about 30 hours worth of errands in a three hour time slot (while schlepping the Costco purchases because paying for a cab is giving in to the enemy).

That’s when I realized I have definitely switched from being that girl who wore high heels working at Home Depot (true story) to the one that wears “dressy” sandals made by Clarks (they’re stylish and comfortable!). And the one that tells everyone how awesome said Clarks are because they have a velcro closure. Hello, you can’t say you like buckling those ankle straps either.

I am also the person who wore one pair of black ankle boots all winter, and then searched on Ebay for an identical replacement pair because that is easier than finding something new that might not be as comfortable.

Well then, here we go. My name is Emily, and I admit to choosing shoes for comfort more than style. My 22-year-old self would be shocked. My 27-year-old self would be displeased. But it’s ok, my 33-year-old self says this.

So I guess I’m saying if I had a spirit shoe, it’d be a wedge sandal with velcro. Or a neutral color flat, like the H&M ones I wear out every summer.

Although, these wouldn’t make such a bad spirit shoe either.

flying burger people eater


2 thoughts on “yep, i’ve determined my spirit shoes

  1. This post makes me laugh. I used to wear heels every day. Now it’s comfy flats. I never thought I’d make the change for good, but seriously, a benefit of getting older is you just don’t care as much. I like it.

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