that thing i’m too scared to wear

It’s called the color white. Or I guess white isn’t a color, as my son would remind me. So that non-color white.

I avoid it as much as possible. If I see a white top I think, “Yep, I’d spill on it.” White skirt, “Yep, I’d end up sitting on something.” White coat, “That’s never going to stay white.” And every time I see someone wearing white I feel the need to commend them for the impeccable way they avoided spilling food for an entire day.

Basically I’m the Debbie Downer of wearing white. As much as I love the lace on lace and the summery white looks, a solid white top is just not in the cards for me. I’m already halfway frightened by light colors, and I only wear those when they have patterns (which are excellent hiders of spilled salsa).

But alas, they’re always out there for me to wish for. Looking so pretty and spill-free.

fake shop friday whites

Jennica Dress | White Sweater Dress | Sundrop Shapeless Mini | Macrame Lace Shorts | Marissa Shirt | Fredrica SandalsLovenia | + more favorite whites here

All this talk of white things has made me hungry for some yaki onigiri. If you have not had this before, you are definitely missing out, and could possibly remedy the situation with this.


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