yay, no work! (sort of)


Last week marked a wild transition from full-time-always-crazy work to full-time-always-crazy home with kids on spring break. As work-free as I thought I was going to be, it turned out not the case. But I didn’t have to go into the office once, and we ate a lot of treats and yummy food, so I still count it as a success.

I’m still kicking myself a bit for not checking the weather, resulting in us spending the nicest day of the week mostly inside the apartment cleaning. The next few days were a bit of a fight to get the boys to leave the house, especially with the weather being crummy.

To entice them one of the days, I planned a small tour of candy stores in the city. I found this article and mapped a few places within walking distance of each other. We took the train in and had lunch–a smart first step for future sugar-overload we had planned.

Mason and I liked the first store, Sockerbit, the best. Milo voted for Stieber’s Sweet Shop, but I think it’s because they had wax bottles – which are apparently his favorite candy. We ended the day with yakatori and ramen. Yum.



The next couple days were a little boring. Haircuts, running errands and me stuck home doing work (although the boys were fine with this since it meant pjs all day for them).

Learning from my weather snafu on Monday, I had booked tickets to Liberty and Ellis Island for Friday. To start off our touristy day we had lunch at Shake Shack, then walked to the ferry. Me being a non-planner, we couldn’t get tickets to the base or crown of the Statue of Liberty, but it was still cool to walk around and learn more about it. Plus we got to mint our own coin that represents the thickness of the statue. It was also interesting to see the models comparing how small of an island Ellis Island started out as, and what it is today (plus we found my grandparents name on the wall outside). My favorite thing was taking pictures of Mason taking pictures.




We ended the day in the touristy of all tourist places: 42nd Street. We tried out the new City Kitchen spot for dinner and more treats, naturally.

So yay for sugar and tiny islands – operation spring break stay home was a success!

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