saying goodbye to full-time work mom

I’ve had about every work-mom position in my life. Part-time working mom, work-from-home working mom, full-time working mom, stay-at-home working mom, student + part-time single working mom, full-time single working mom, unemployed looking-for-work mom… (and just about as many child-care options to go with them).

Last week I took another working mom turn: quitting my full-time job to become a freelance working mom. Which, for me, means I am committed to part-time hours at an agency, with the option of adding more freelance work as I’d like.

I’m really excited. I mean, who wouldn’t want a more flexible schedule if possible? But then again, I really like being a full-time working mom. And I’m sort of worried that along with the work hours, my woman-fight is going to diminish too. What does woman-fight even mean? I have no idea. Ack! It’s already happening to me, my brain is only good for cleaning the apartment and having babies now!

Ok seriously, I have loved being a full-time working mom. Yes, it may lend itself to a very hectic schedule. Yes, my kids dealt with after-school programs, nannies, and possibly inappropriate food choices for dinner. And yes my brain consistently felt like it was going to explode. But I still love it (and all the Emma Watson HeForShe-ness that it makes me feel).

When Mason started 6th grade he got himself to and from school via walking to the school bus stop with neighbor kids, and started his first year of staying home alone every afternoon. He now rides the public bus or subway – a feat some adults I know find daunting. Occasionally he has walked home because the bus never came. Maybe it’s weird that I’d rather have him do that than be around to drive him to and from school myself, but I’m pretty proud of his independence. Same with Milo. He may only walk down the block from his school, but he has his own apartment key – and he’s very diligent about checking the mail on his way in.

And I like splitting things. Not that has to be completely 50/50, but I’ve never been the super baking/homemaking/motherly type, and I like that Tyler and I share cooking dinners, doing chores and contributing to bills. Also that the boys are almost solely responsible for doing the laundry.

Tyler said he’ll obviously still be running errands with me. And I was sort of in the mindset everything could continue the way it has been, especially considering my additional freelance projects might keep me full-time busy. But then I really thought about it. Logically it would make no sense to keep things the way they were. I mean, what’s the point of quitting my full time job if I wanted everything to stay the same?

So hello new life, I am (mostly) ready for you! Ready to have days at home to force the kids to do homework before 7pm. Ready to do laundry on weekdays as needed, instead of crammed into Sunday nights. Ready to have a Saturday that doesn’t consist of strategically racing a Zipcar through Queens to ensure we don’t pay the late turn-in fee. Ready to sit in my pjs all freaking day if I feel like it.



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