the art of procrastination

Jessica Hische procrastination

Writing for a living has definitely given me plenty of “writers block” moments. Blogging, although giving an open forum to write anything I feel like, is also a great place to practice procrastinating. Sure, you don’t want to blog if you have nothing to write about. But lets be honest, I have random thoughts swirling around in my head all day long–so using the excuse that I have nothing to post about probably really means I’m having a moment of writers block that I don’t have to work through because there’s no deadline for a personal blog.

So last year I gave myself some deadlines. Something to push myself to write more, even when I had no free time to do it in. But not to worry, writers block is always right around the corner. Tyler can attest to the mucho time I spend playing on my phone while I sit in front of a blank blog post page.

Then comes a freelance job I’m committed to doing after work. And lo and behold, I found myself a new motivator for writing a blog post: procrastinating doing my freelance work! It’s amazing really. Like a procrastination inception.

When I was in school one of my advertising teachers had us read a book about getting creative ideas. The one and only thing I remember (sorry professor) was the story about how you will probably spend most of your time staring at your partner’s shoes. That all sorts of unrelated things go on (doodling, chatting, going to lunch, staring at shoes), and out of all that somehow comes the actual ideas.

So basically what I’m saying is I’m getting to be pretty much an expert at great ideas. Because not only can I procrastinate doing my freelance work by writing this blog post. I can procrastinate this blog post by checking Instagram on my phone. And if that gets boring I can always switch to YouTube or Facebook.

Well, enough of my wonderfully new-found talents; I guess I should get off to the other matter at hand…making myself some hot chocolate.

Or finding a picture to fit in this frame I purchased six months ago. Seriously people, pictures were not made to fit in this shape of frame. It is really becoming an issue.

Oh, and if you’re a talented procrastinator like myself, you might enjoy this.

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