one of a kind

Apparently when you are searching for those one-piece outfits that look like glorified pajamas, you cannot search for jumpers. Because jumpers are sweaters. What you actually want to search for is jumpsuits. (Not that I have issues calling jumpsuits jumpers or anything.)

Another thing to note is that I want almost every jumpsuit out there, for going on my third summer. And… I’ve never bought one. My fashion-decision making skills are basically the worst. There’s the fashion I love, and in my head I want to wear. It’s normally a little crazier and very brightly colored. Then there’s the fashion that I actually wear, which is mostly blob.

Occasionally the crazy-brain side mixes with the blob side, and out comes something that probably makes people wonder why I thought I could pull that off. But in my head it’s cute, so really that’s all that matters.

Ok then, jumpsuits ahoy!

Fake Shop Friday Jumpsuits


Paltrow Jumpsuit | Margaux Jumpsuit | Floral Jumpsuit | Utility Jumpsuit | Lyocell Jumpsuit | Midnight Highway Jumpsuit 

I had a great conversation while looking at these online:

  • Mason: What would you use those for?
  • Me: I would wear them.
  • Mason: Oh, you would? It’s like a…one-piece outfit…

Apparently my 12-year-old does not approve of this style choice.

Also my newest favorite thing on instagram.


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