my so-called style


A girl at my work was talking about how the sleeves on her dress were too tight. And at that moment I remembered having that annoying feeling in my life, and then in the second moment I realized I don’t have that feeling anymore. Because my wardrobe is getting progressively lazier and lazier.

Proven by the fact that I have succumbed to wearing the same pair of black ankle boots all winter long (because, duh, they had brown straps and a slight heel which mean they go with every color and any outfit). Further confirmed when I look back at my winter wardrobe and realize I, A) wear the same plaid shirt almost every Monday (if not Monday, definitely Tuesday), and B) have been slowly shifting my wardrobe into more oversized and flowy styles.

My mental checklist for clothes basically goes like this:

  • Is the fabric full-proof enough that it can handle two boys washing it on whatever settings they happen to push on the machines?
  • Do I already have almost the exact same item in a different color, verifying that it already fits without me trying it on?
  • Will I have issues with this shirt sizing if I eat a cheeseburger for lunch? What about if I follow up with a donut?
  • Will I be able to wear it with any color jeans (and black boots), negating the need to actually think about outfitting myself in the morning?
  • And most importantly: does it feel like I’m wearing pajamas?

I was debating if this is a winter slump, but then I realized all the dresses I’ve been liking online are ones that look like oversized t-shirts, so…

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older (and caring less about what people think). Or because my brain is just too tired to think about anything beyond necessities. Like eating cheeseburgers in comfort, of course.

Also, I kind-of/sort-of/a lot want this, but I don’t know if I could pull it off.


4 thoughts on “my so-called style

  1. This post really made me laugh…does it feel like I’m wearing pajamas is the best standard. Reading through your blog is great fun, because you’re awesome.

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