frozen toes and foodie treats

Hey, remember that one time I went on vacation and opted out of doing blog posts for an entire week? What has this world come to, right?

Well, I know everyone was on the edge of their seats to find out what we finally decided to do with our limited time off. Mostly we regretted our choice to not have updated passports, cursed our work schedules for lying about the amount of time we could take off, and ate delicious food. We also enjoyed a romp around the State Capitol, and a few evenings in a blue pool surrounded by tan tiles (that I pretended were a sandy beach somewhere not in upstate New York).

So, lessons learned from this trip?

  • Get my passport ready for “next time” (married last names, psh).
  • Walking around in 7° windy weather is much less pleasant than one would expect.
  • Telling antique stores we’re from NYC makes them overcharge for my treasure finds.
  • Yelp is a great way to find food, but random places not on Yelp can be delicious too.
  • Always zoom out on Google Maps before choosing your driving route home.
  • We can collectively have fun as a family pretty much anywhere, even if it means endless, “Can we get back in the car yet, I’m freezing,” questions. Yay for Troy, New York (and hotel pools).
the shop
Milo loves smiling for pictures.
state capitol senate lounge
Taking a break in the Senate Lounge.
state capitol ceiling
The prettiest ceiling in the State Capitol.
state capitol staircase
Kickin’ it on the Million Dollar Staircase.
iron gate cafe
Our breakfast stop had an Elvis Room. It was amazing.
state museum subway
Checking out an old subway at the State Museum.
nibble doughnuts
Our last day started with these fine things. Mason really wanted to ask them if they had any other locations…

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