pucker up

I own one pair of black boots, that I wear almost every single day. I own six different red lipsticks, and have still found more I want to buy. I’m starting to think that lipstick might be my new nail polish. You know, that thing you just keep buying until you have so many colors and shades you start accidentally double buying them. Or am I the only one who owns enough polish they can ombre their nails?

Ok, back to the lipstick. I never finish a full tube, which is probably why I always feel a good/evil pull as I stand in Sephora testing out new shades. Also why I started this week’s post entirely about red lipstick. Because yes, there really are that many I want to buy. (Well, there are some pinks in there too.) And why I’m excited to try this lipstick that a friend recommended. I’m a little skeptical it will be one of those “you get what you pay for” moments, but can you really go wrong with $5?

Or, I could just skip all the lipstick and get that teal sumo man…


Textured Midi Skater Dress | Ruby Woo | Mandarin Muse | Suzannah Dress | Sumo | Mid Century Wall Storage

Annnnddd, I may have just learned about this place. And even though I don’t really care that much for chocolate covered pretzels, rainbow sprinkles get me every time.


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