jump in!

Sometimes I feel like I jump into decisions. I watched a science video today that talked about the differences between fast and slow thinking. They compared seeing a picture and instantly knowing the person in it is angry (fast), to a double digit multiplication problem you have to think through to solve (slow).

This is probably not scientifically related at all, but it made me think about the decisions I have made in my life. And how no matter the size, I seem to make a lot of them quickly. I mean, I weight the options a bit – but in the end I just pick something and figure it’ll be fine. Maybe it’s partially that I don’t have the time or energy to think about it any longer. Or I just get so indecisive my brain goes the opposite way. Climb that sky-high ladder, walk to the edge of the platform, plug your nose and take the dive! I sometimes second guess myself, but then I retract by realizing so far it seems to be working ok. Life’s an adventure, right?

Like moving apartments. Yes, I contemplated it for a while; weighed the options. We’d be getting less space for the same price, but I wouldn’t have to deal with our landlord anymore. We’d be closer to Milo’s school and more train options, but we’d most likely give up access to an outdoor patio (and by extension our summer BBQing and stray cat friends). But when it came down to it, we looked at a total of 3 apartments (and two wishful thinking co-op purchases). One had no windows in the second room, another basically needed a blood oath along with our deposit.

So just like that, two days after looking at the third apartment we agreed to move in. And I only have to listen to Milo complain about the lack of second bathroom every few weeks.

And tonight when Mason asked me where we were going for their Winter Break (in about a week), I had to tell him I don’t know yet. Because although Tyler and I both scheduled three days off of work, I haven’t really had time to sit down and find a place for us to go. Probably partially due to the fact that anywhere we go will not be sunny and sandy this time, and I’m at a loss of what people do upstate in the winter. (Be even colder?)

But not to worry, it will be an adventure! Preferably one with delicious food, some sort of hotel pool, and dragging all three boys to a few antique shops.

(As I was writing this post, this song came on my Spotify. Also, completely unrelated, but I found the cutest Instagram account to follow.)

Just look at these!

unicorn    bear flower    mamoth


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