think sunny thoughts

Last February we decided to take advantage of Mason and Milo’s winter recess to visit the land of amusement parks, Orlando. It turned out to be a great idea. Not only were the boys the perfect middle age—young enough to be excited for all the rides, old enough to stand in line and not have a temper tantrum—it was also THE BEST time because everyone else was still in school (aka, short lines).

So we thought: this is a great idea…we make good use of a week off, escape freezing New York, and visit relatively uncrowded places. Then we thought: let’s do this again next year.

Fast forward to next year planning stages, and I was reminded that life never really wants me to plan that far ahead. So long story short, we aren’t going anywhere sunny this February. But, alas, my shopping brain had already been set into motion. Swimsuits, shorts, floppy hats (and sunny places where I could wear all these warm-weather things). I guess it’ll all have to wait until actual warm weather comes to New York—but in the meantime, fake shopping it is!

fake shop friday summer sun

Esme Laced Romper | Isabel Marant Etoile | Suno Tunic Top | Seafolly Pineapple Maillot |  Sunbather Sweater | The Custom Weekender

And to get me through my non-vacation/sunny/beach Mondays, I found this tumblr page!


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