a little mixer-upper

Last week, when it was around a 20 degree high for the day (and I had worn 2 layers of pants and about 5 layers on top) a girl in my office was wearing a skirt. I questioned her un-bundled clothing choice and she replied that the skirt was actually really warm and basically felt like she was wearing a blanket all day. Um, what? I could have been wearing the equivalent of a blanket to work disguised as real-people clothing all this time and I didn’t realize?

So, naturally, I went on a hunt for one of these magical blanket/clothing items. To basically realize most brands are warming up their clothing selections. Which led me to shopping for non blanket-like items and wishing to be magically transported to spring.


Gardenia Silk Tee | Jumpsuit | Spazzo | Piped Perfect Day ShirtSuno Skirt | Saia Peixes

Also, this really amazes me and I pretty much want it.


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