all dried up


I have been wanting a dehydrator since the time my neighbor shared her delicious dried apples with me. This Christmas my dreams came to fruition (bada, ching!). My new dehydrator arrived last Friday, and it has been drying fruit almost non-stop ever since.

It is amazing, and so easy to do. We just slice the fruit, put it on the trays and turn it on. I think you can soak the bananas first to make them less brown, but it doesn’t really bother me. AKA: that sounds like it involves a recipe and to that I say, “no, thank you.”

I like the apples best, but the bananas are not too bad either. I can’t wait to go strawberry picking this year so we can dry fresh-picked, in-season strawberries (the grocery store ones are a little tart, although Tyler still loves them). Milo said we should try watermelon, which we thought was so silly. But I googled it and found it’s a thing! So yep, we’re totally trying that soon.

The other amazing thing about this is that everyone loves to snack on the fruit. Yay, natural food for the win! I also want to try some foods beyond fruit. These look like a delicious start. (Or cough, cough, Tyler, I would be open to trying beef jerky.)


Also, these are not hydrated at all – but I’d like to think it came as a result. Mason decided to try a recipe for homemade ginger candy. Yes, it is delicious and I love him for it.

homemade ginger candy

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