dreaming of dresses

It seems to happen every year. I think winter is starting in November when temperatures drop. Then comes December and there is no snow and everyone talks about it being a mild winter. And then bam. It’s January and 20 degrees outside. So not only was I secretly happy about global warming winter temps, but by January I’m already so over wearing scarves and gloves. Plus the colder it gets the weirder my outfits seem to be. My outfits are chosen based on warmth first, comfort second (and coordinating I hope comes organically).

A few weeks of that and I start wondering if I should stop wearing the frumpy layers…and I jump from wearing 2 pairs of pants to wearing a skirt. Because sometimes you’re just sick of wearing jeans (although I will be perfectly honest here, I don’t think I’ll ever be sick of wearing my flannel shirt).

I must not be the only one experiencing warm-weather withdrawals this time of year, because there seem to be quite a selection of dresses to shop from. Mostly with tights-less legs. Which is not only completely absurd this time of year, they also make me want to go on a vacation where tights are completely unnecessary.

dreaming of dresses


Tencel Shirttail Dress | Column Pocket Dress | Rihanna Shift Dress | Ace & Jig Lake Dress | Bettina Dress | Up All Night Wedge Boot

P.S. Bill Cunningham showing off the freezing styles in New York. (I have the same thoughts he does about ponchos.)


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