on the charts

My boys are no stranger to printed out papers marking their chore/homework/niceness/progress of life. When they were younger I made the charts like a simple board game, with laminated characters they could choose each month. Forward for chores and nice deeds, backwards for fighting or other bad behavior. Over the years the game evolved into more of a chart – tracking homework, reading & chores to exchange for video game time, money, or other treats.

We haven’t done charts for quite some time because I thought maybe they’d outgrown them. Also because Milo reads so much we’d probably be broke if he exchanged time for money.

Enter two small boys who halfway grow up to become older boys that do not like to do their homework. Add to that a mother who dislikes being constantly stressed out from emails and notes from teachers… and viola! You have a family night lesson about hard work, personal responsibility and setting goals.

And you have a new reformed “chart” to track these new monthly goals. Complete with both boys deciding, on their own, to pay Tyler and I each $10 (because obviously we can’t share the money) if they fail to complete their goal.

So far we are 1.5 weeks in, with good standing on the first weeks’ checkpoints. Only 2.5 weeks to go, and I will know if I’ve got myself 2 free Chipotle lunches…

boys and charts


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