fake shopping flubs

You’d think with 24 hours in a day, and all the lovely after-holiday sales, I would be in a fake shoppers paradise right now. Well, you thought wrong. Somehow with those 24 hours of the day (and only 6ish of them devoted to sleep) I still have managed to not finish everything on my mental to-do list for the week. Even worse, I seemed to have misplaced a weekday. Don’t get me wrong, finding out tomorrow is Friday instead of Thursday is a very welcome mistake, just not one that bodes well for my fake shopping roundup.

So in lieu of a snazzy picture-filled post, here is the one thing I did not fake buy while Madewell was having an extra 40% off sale items. But really, it was $23 and I have a weakness for dresses…and they let me use my PayPal balance to buy it (which basically is like paying nothing since I forgot there was money in there).

And if that’s not quite enough for you, & Other Stories is having an awesome sale. (I pretty much want everything from the Sadie Williams collaboration, but you know how that goes…)


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