the christmas one

Every year I do more of my Christmas shopping online. This year was definitely an all-time record, I think the only thing I didn’t buy online was the chocolate oranges for Mason and Milo’s stockings. To be fair, I did try shopping in a store twice. Only to find the size I needed wasn’t there. Also to be completely honest, I’d shop in a brick and mortar store over online if I could. Even with busy sidewalks and lines I find shopping a weird sort of relaxing (as long as I’m not confined to a time limit). But alas, life seems to always be rushing me from one thing to the next, and for that reason especially I thank myself for accidentally signing up for a free trial of Amazon Prime a month ago. Two-day shipping, I love you.

The most important thing is that I finished ALL of my Christmas shopping three days ago. Yay!

friday shop christmas

Smooching Octopi | Awkward Holiday Card | Lomo’Instant Camera | Christmas Nativity | Knitted Tassel Stocking | Holiday Sweater | Peppermint Snaps

And wouldn’t this make a fun holiday tradition? I want to read and eat cookies under there.

Also, these would totally fit with the pom-pom garland and duct tape star on our tree.


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