christmas pjs again?

All growing up we were allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve. It was always pajamas, we always wore them that night, and more often than not mine matched my siblings.

When I was young I thought what a great idea my mom had to give us pjs on Christmas Eve. It was such a great idea, in fact, that I decided I would do the same for my own kids. Then one day, or maybe many days piled together, I learned that other people I knew also got pjs for Christmas. My whole pj tradition world was shattered. While I never remember believing in Santa, I feel like that was the closest I had come to the deflated joy that true believers experience.

But pjs seemed like a necessary thing in life, so why not continue to buy some for the children? (Another one of those memories I wonder if my kids will have: mom buying efficient/necessary things and passing them off as gifts.)

This year I decided my boys didn’t need pjs. They wear almost the same pair every week, plus multiple grandmothers already have plans to gift them. And I figured, why buy more than necessary? It’s not like they really care about opening something as mundane as pajamas.

Then the other day Mason mentioned something. He said he was indifferent to this gift choice or that because, “You’re going to buy us pajamas for Christmas already.” And when I said I wasn’t planning on it he had this look of reserved disappointment.

Well, that’s settled then. Christmas Pajamas for life.

Next on the list: chocolate oranges. I have shoved one of those boxes in the boys stockings for as long as they can remember. Mostly because it takes up a good amount of room in the stocking, and I can easily steal a slice without anyone noticing. And sure, lets add that there are a few cute stories surrounding past traditions. But I never really thought my kids cared about them beyond their sugar content. Then Milo added it to his Christmas list. A list that consisted of every Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver, a few Wii games, and some new books, he adds “Christmas oranges.” (And a fish tank, but we’re pretending we didn’t see that one.)

So I guess what I’m saying is I’m a pretty amazing mom and my kids have really latched onto the holiday traditions I’ve started. Which is good since this year I want to start a new one that popped into my head a few days ago: finding and baking a new cookie recipe every year. (A tradition that can hopefully be transitioned into an Iron Chef-esque cooking contest of which I am the judge.)

PS: the link for that sweet cat’s pajamas print.


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