if wishes were fishes

Where do idioms come from, and how do they become part of our vernacular even when we don’t really know what they mean. (Or is it just me that uses them without understanding.) Especially that one about sleeping like a baby. Unless of course you’re referring to a baby when it is being swaddled, held, and rocked back and forth. But I digress. My point in all this is wishes for fishes. Or ferrets. Which a certain someone in the family told me that I cannot have for Christmas. How rude, right?

So I went to my next best thing. Watching ferrets steal things in YouTube videos, and fake shopping for plaid.

Let me tell you a story about me and plaid. I love it. I wore it all the time in college (like almost every day, no lie). Then I graduated and thought I needed to make my wardrobe less college-y. So slowly plaid left my closet, but my love never really faded. Well, lo and behold, I found I can wear plaid as an adult. And don’t you worry, I wear it every week. And by it I am referring to the one shirt I literally wear every week. Because it’s so soft and easy and it’s a button up. (And if you don’t understand my feelings of button-ups yet…well, they’re pretty strong.)

Plaid Fake Shopping Friday

buffalo plaid sweatshirt | blanket scarf | simply snuggly cardigan | base camp roll-down | vintage 1980’s dress | brohm tote | silk dress | autumnal meadows plaid 

One of my other favorite things, and definitely favorite to wear with plaid: iconic red.

And as a wonderful way to start your weekend, this proclamation of watermelon love. Because really, who doesn’t?


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