little bunny foo foo

I own a [slightly] pink sweatshirt with a deer on it. There, I’ve said it. I’ve come clean.

I see it in my closet and wonder if I should still be allowed to wear it into my 30’s. Occasionally I decide I should be allowed, and off I go with it (mood swinging from happy to insecure all day long).

My attempts to give it away have failed. I always think if I do it, I’ll just want something else to replace it with. So I guess on the plus side, it has staved off the inner urge I have to buy more animal items. Yes, the same issue I have with cardigans and oversized button ups also happens with animal pictures. And it makes for the perfect fake shopping opportunity. But you have to admit, some of them are almost buyable, right? Because this.

fake shop friday cozy animals

Bear Motif Jumper | Embellished Bunny Sweater | Vixen Sweater | Fox Trot Tights | Cotton Cushion | Tonal Shaggy Knit Jumper | Gorilla Eyes Sweater Dress

More fluffiness, right this way


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